Bent Penis Problems: A New Treatment For Peyronie's Disease In Mt Sterling KY Shows Promise

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There is a condition known as Peyronie’s (PEE-RO-nEEz) disease, which refers to fibrous scar tissue forming on the penis and causing curved, painful erections. There are different types and sizes of penises, and curved erections are not usually an issue. However, Peyronie’s disease in Mt Sterling KY can cause certain males to have a large bend or soreness. This can hinder men from becoming sexual or make it hard to get or keep an erection (premature dysfunction). Shortening of the penile hair is also common.

It’s common for men not to have straight erections. There is no indication that Peyronie’s disease is caused by just a small curvature on the penis. It is rare for Peyronie to disappear on its own. Peyronie’s disease does not affect men who have a lifelong curvature. It is crucial to start treatment as soon as possible after developing this condition to prevent it from getting worse. Sometimes, men who suffer from this condition for any amount of time can find relief from the pain, shortening, and curvature of the penile.

Additionally, Peyronie’s is associated with emotional distress and a diminished quality of life. Peyronie’s Disease is diagnosed with invasive treatments (injections or surgery). In the treatment of chronic phase Peyronie’s disease, fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy is used. Laser Fractional CO2 therapy reduces abnormal collagen (a significant component of Peyronie’s Disease plaques) by eliminating and destroying damaged tissue. Although fractional carbon dioxide lasers have been extensively used in treating hypertrophic burn scars (i.e., treating hypertrophic burn scars without side effects), they are not able to treat other types of scarring.

Treating Peyronie's Disease in Mt Sterling KY

Laser treatment is also very effective on certain types of penile diseases. Laser treatment for penile cancer generates a powerful beam of light that kills cancer cells on the surface of the penis. In addition, it can eradicate penile growths, such as genital warts and penile vascular tumors. With coverage of 10-15%, fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy can provide significant benefits. The fractional carbon dioxide laser destroys the abnormal collagen in scarred tissue and promotes the production of more organized collagen.

Peyronie’s disease is believed to be improved by low-energy laser treatment by inhibiting fibrosis, anti-inflammation, and analgesia. Clinical trials should be conducted before low-energy laser treatment is used.

The majority of research parameters decreased significantly reduced following treatment in both arms. Although pain reduction and improvement in penile curvature have been more significant in the combined laser therapy group at 3 months (p=.035 and p=.032). Nevertheless, these gains were not present during the 9-month follow-up. Consequently, laser therapy appears to be a safe therapeutic option in carefully selected patients with Peyronie’s disease. In short, it is moderately effective.

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