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What you will receive is a short and informed consultation with a provider that specializes in men's performance sexual health. During your consultation, you will receive some answers that you have been seeking. There are many treatments available but not all are effective, some out there will waste your time and money.

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step, and you’ve taken that step so we have a special gift that can help right away. That gift involves a 1:1 consultation that we are rewarding you for taking action. So let’s talk.

The Proper Diagnosis Needs to Be Matched With The Proper Treatment

We know there’s a lot of confusion out there about which solution is best for sexual performance. Fact is, most men just need the right information at the right time for their situation and that’s why my 1:1 consultation solves this problem. We have tested the various solutions and only two remain consistent for most men.

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It’s true, WAVE THERAPY and TESTOSTERONE really work

When it comes to what works, and what doesn’t believe us when we tell you we’ve heard guys doing just about everything. So, imagine using a flat head screwdriver on a phillips head or vice versa. Or using a paint brush to paint a wall when you could have used a roller and saved a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Just like learning how to paint a wall or use a new tool, it involves being somewhat humble and saying….hey I need help and can you show me the way?

The Reality is When Guys Cannot Perform, Their Confidence is Shattered

If this sounds like you, you’re like many of our guys. In fact, many men start believing that it’s their spouse that’s the problem. And the deepest and darkest pit fall is when she starts believing…. it’s your fault. Our experience tells us differently, that most problems of sexual performance can be handled with one of our solutions that identify the cause of the problem.

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Stop WAITING To Feel Better

Our Patients are seeing Great Results with 2 Well-Tested ED Treatments


    There is a history of Men not using TT optimally. The ads make it look wonderful, but the information could also be coming from your primary care physician, television, ads that pop up on your phone or the guy at the gym. So for those who want to get real information, it can be difficult.

    One Bad Apple…
    When your family doctor tells you NO; what he really means is testosterone can be bad if you are abusing it with the wrong type and dosage. (for those guys who are using it to jack their muscles up).


    Our 1:1 consultation on testosterone and ED will cut through all the B.S. that you may have ever heard.


    Ok, let us explain to you the real deal on how this equipment performs to help you. The machine is like a mini jackhammer that emits sound waves focused in a really small area. Like millimeters not centimeters. For those guys that want the real specifics it microscopically targets the clogged vessels and this is why it received the FDA approval to increase blood flow … but it not only does that it expands the blood vessels that have become flattened or restricted over time, restoring natural blood flow.


    The next benefit to the therapy it promotes better sensation through rejuvenation by stimulating existing nerve endings. Pills do not do this! So not only does it increase your blood flow it increases the sensation for arousal. Does it Get any better than that?


There are three main players in the Acoustic Wave Therapy in Offices: Smartwave, GAINSWave, and SWISSWAVE. One may have a fancier screen but all produce the same NEEDED Energy. Some companies promote their machine to be superior over another. Take for instance a Dewalt Drill, A Milwaukee, or Kobalt - all achieve the same end results. Likely all produced in the same factory.

What our treatment process uncovers is the secret is not only the machines treatment outcome, but also the home care advice given to you to reach your full maximum sexual independence. You should not have to rely upon a pill to get an erection. You didn’t have to do that before, so why do that now? There's a better way...

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Experience The Benefits Of Wave Therapy

Patients of our program report they have restored their love and intimacy back with their spouse. Never again go into the bedroom not being able to perform. This equals restored confidence.

Performance for men who desire to have children is unmatched with our treatment.

We effect ED at the root cause of the problem.

Wave treatment patients take less than 10 minutes and are done discreetly in our office in Mt Sterling, KY.

What We Don't Offer

  • Expensive pills

    Pills can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars and give side effects such as headaches and high blood pressure.

  • Surgery

    Surgery treatments can run into lifelong side effects

  • Painful treatments

  • Long treatment times

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Take Your Life Back

What are the Costs Of Other Treatments?

And just in case, you’re wondering what the cost of such treatment might be, you may be surprised to find out that all the other solutions which offer no guarantee come with a high cost over the timeline. That’s where they make the money off of you, they get you over the long haul. The pills and surgeries could be a quick fix but it has to be relied upon. You gotta keep coming back for the drugs and injections. If you’ve already been left humiliated by these costs then you know. If not, let us save you the cost and time and the headaches (the major side effect) that comes with these short term solutions. So here’s what you are really paying over time.

Wellness Center Mt Sterling KY ED Treatment Costs Chart

*FDA Approved Wave Therapy Cost Averages in 3 Visits

The factor to often consider when choosing whether a treatment is effective is does it get to the root cause of my issue and could it affect me in side effects?

Our Treatment success versus short-term and costly "solutions"


  • 1. Pills

  • 2. Surgeries

  • 3. Testosterone Replacement Gels


  • 1. Reoccuring, High Cost, Side Effects, Refills on Prescriptions, long treatment times

  • 2. Reoccuring, High Cost, Side Effects, Refills on Prescriptions, long treatment times

  • 3. Often Abused, Can Rub Cream on Partner In Bed (not good)

The Problem in the market is treating symptoms, not causes

Workable Solutions

  • Penis Pump To increase Blood Flow No Pills or Surgery, Ready to Go When Partner is Ready

  • Blood Flow Increasing Supplements

  • Injectable Testosterone

  • FDA Approved Wave Therapy to increase blood flow

  • FDA Approved Wave Therapy Combined with Testosterone


  • Not as effective, Not Ready to Go When Partner is Ready. Requires technique instruction.

  • No Prescriptions, long treatment times. Results go down over time.

  • Often Abused, requires technique instruction

  • Will not work if your problem is mental in nature. Must have decreased blood flow to penis checked by a dopplar ultrasound

  • Must have decreased blood flow and a blood test that verifies you indeed have low testosterone

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If You've decided that you're ready for a consultation

There’s an “Exciting New Development” Literally Breaking Right Now and Very Few in the ED Service Community are aware of How this Applies to “Sexual Health Performance”!

And we could keep discussing it on web page, but the information is so sensitive we fill its best to explain to you 1 on 1. That’s why Sterling Skin & Health will guarantee 100% your time in our 1:1 consultation. This time will be valuable and not wasted.

We will share with you some of our successes developed the years that fixes the root issue and avoids long expensive treatments designed to drain your pocket and enrich others.

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We Won't:

  • tell you this or that approach isn’t safe, and then shut you out.

  • sell you over the counter gimmicks offered to help with your sexual performance.

  • Give Bait and Switch Consultations that are designed to sell you.

We Will

  • only choose the modality of care that is safest for your health status.

  • Use professional, perscription solutions.

  • Respect your time, and actually help you.

The Nightmare of a consultation...

The consultation is usually the opportunity that the other guys try to convince you to spend your money. They try to sell you and not listen to your needs, and when you get there you’re nervous and don’t know what decision to make.

…..or when some guy who looks like an Arnold Schwarzenegger tells you all you need is the juice injected into muscle and it will quickly resolve your sexual performance issues.

A Real and True Consultation with a Sexual Health professional:

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Have a one-on-one private and discreet consultation to discuss your problems and needs.

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Our Professional team can schedule all your appointment before work, after work, in the daytime.

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We can simplify erectile dysfunction by determining if your testosterone or your blood flow is the problem, or both.

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Regain your self confidence back.

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How Long Will It Take to See Results?

The other consideration is your time, because your time is valuable. This treatment is so different than other treatments. We tailor each persons treatment program based upon their needs. If you want pills we offer that, if you want testosterone we can do that, but we have to have blood work that shows you have low testosterone. The great and breaking news is that Acoustic Wave Therapy can be used by all men in conjunction with other therapies to boost, really skyrocket all other treatments to maximize performance! So if time and spontaneity is your main goal, we have the solutions.

Our Solution Is Designed To Be Ready When You Are

“The greatest feeling from getting these treatments, is I’m ready to go when she is”.

- Marvin