How Acoustic Wave Therapy Is Disrupting Traditional Erectile Dysfunction Solutions In MT Sterling KY

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Many men across the globe struggle with the major problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at some point of their lives. This situation is very frustrating for many people. One of the main reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction in Mt Sterling KY is a low flow of blood to the penis. The even flow of blood is what makes the penis become erect, in retorting to sexual stimulation. When the blood flow in penis faces interruptions, men experience weak erections that result in loss of rigidity too quickly.

Suffering from this exasperating situation, isn’t always a cause of concern. But, if this problem becomes an ongoing affair, it can cause shear stress, lack of self-confidence and can also end-up affecting your relationship. However, the problems related to Erectile Dysfunction can be a sign of some underlying health issues, or can also be a symptom of any heart disease.

ED Treatment In Mt Sterling KY

One of the treatments of Erectile Dysfunction is Acoustic Wave Therapy. This therapy helps to recover the lack of blood flow in penis. In Acoustic Wave Therapy, high-frequency sound waves are applied to the penis to stimulate ‘Neovascularization’ and break down plaque build-up in existing vessels.

The term ‘Neovascularization’, means the process of formation of new blood vessels. The treatment helps to stimulate the body’s reincarnation potential and initiate an even blood circulation to variant damaged tissue of the body. The blood flow in the penis is increased using shockwave therapy that helps to promote natural and spontaneous erections. The new blood vessels that get formed by the Acoustic Wave Therapy improves the flow of blood, encouraging stronger and longer periods of erections.


Earlier, doctors used to treat the patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction by providing high power drugs, injecting painful injections or choosing to cure it with the help of surgery. Under this traditional method of Erectile Dysfunction, a man would get his erection just for few hours, as the treated the blood situation. But, soon after sometime, the person will have to suffer with the same health situation.


The emergence of acoustic wave treatment occurred while inventing the treatment of kidney stones. In the early times, the kidney stones were cured by operating the kidney which was a very invasive process with numerous side-effects. It was then that the concept of passing high-intensity sonic waves to break the kidney stones got invented. With time, doctors started treating the several other health issues by passing low-intensity shock waves, to release a growth factor to help treat the body parts of the infected person. This was the beginning of use of the shockwave therapy to cure the damaged parts of the patient’s body.

Gradually, after treating several infected body parts with shockwave therapy, doctors realised that the therapy can turn out to be very effective for restoring nerves and blood vessels in penis. After numerous experiments, the Acoustic Wave Therapy was a big success for the doctors.


With the invention of Acoustic Wave Technology, the traditional methods used to cure Erectile Dysfunction issue started to disappear. Taking pills, injections, surgery is the least desired cure a man would want to go through to restore his healthy sexual life. The traditional methods used to cure the Erectile Dysfunction not only affected the mental conditions due the severe pain that used to arise during or after the treatment, but also had several side effects. Those methods could risk heart attack, permanent penile damage, hearing loss, and can even lead to death while undergoing frequent treatment therapies.

Also, the traditional methods of cure were not long-term solutions to treat the underlying issue. Drugs including Cialis and Viagra were just short-term fixes, with numerous side effects. These pills might be a temporary solution to improve a man’s sexual life, but bring several problems with eyes, nose and severe headaches. Moreover, over time, the effect wears off as the arteries continue to get worse with each treatment therapy. It’s also important to know that the herbal pills that you see in the market, which promise to cure Erectile Dysfunction with utter ease, have a negative impact too.

Consequently, to save their body from the deadly side effects, men started opting for Acoustic Wave Treatment that cured the Erectile Dysfunction issue from roots. The treatment used sound waves that aimed at veins in the penis and passed vibrations to break up the blockages to improve the flow of blood at that part. Doctors suggest that Acoustic Wave Therapy is 85% effective at restoring the even circulation of blood to the arteries of the penis. And, the people whose sexual life isn’t getting better even after the ED treatment, usually have certain underlying health problems. Moreover, with age, the nerve endings in the penis start getting inert, but the acoustic waves stimulate the growth factors in the blood and can regenerate nerve endings.

Interestingly, despite this encouraging research of Acoustic Wave Therapy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved shockwave therapy as a treatment for ED. FDA approvals for new treatments are always accompanied by several guidelines for the doctors to follow and side effects to be shared with patients.


The advantages of choosing Acoustic Wave Therapy for curing Erectile Dysfunction are as follows-

  • Initiates spontaneous erection
  • Cures the cause behind the problem, besides just healing the symptoms
  • The results are visible within 3 weeks
  • Provides long-term results which are clinically proven
  • No side effects post-treatment
  • Completely painless and non-invasive
  • Triggers natural repair mechanisms by increasing blood flow
  • Restores sex life with firmer, stronger and longer-lasting erections
  • The measured success rate is over 70%+
  • Compatible with other treatments

Besides treating the Erectile Dysfunctions problems, Acoustic Wave Treatment can also treat men suffering from diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. The treatment can be used for almost all patients, of any age, even those on anticoagulants.


Where Acoustic Wave Therapy is the most preferred cure for most men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, there are some contraindications that means acoustic wave is not an option. The circumstances under which you can’t opt for Acoustic Wave Therapy are as follows-

  • If you have a malignant tumor present at the treatment site.
  • If you are a hemophiliac.
  • If you have implanted heart valves, cardiac stents, or a pacemaker.
  • You have an infection or skin abrasion at the treatment site
  • If you have been advised not to undertake sexual intercourse, following a heart attack and cardiac surgery.
  • If you suffer from nerve damage depriving your penis of sensation, Acoustic Wave Therapy is unlikely to be beneficial until that issue is resolved.
  • For the ones who are suffering from erection problems due to mental breakdown (anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis), Acoustic Wave Therapy will not work.
  • If you are under 18.

Erectile Dysfunction isn’t just a sexual problem. Great sex life can lead to greater satisfaction in many other aspects of life, including family, social, and work relationships. So, choosing Acoustic Wave Therapy to cure your erectile problems will help you lead a healthy and happy life.


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